Why do people say it's wrong to raise children vegetarian?

Answer It's just ignorance, plain and simple. The people who think raising a child as a vegetarian is brainwashing never seem to have a problem with sending a child to Sunday School. Everyone raises the... Read More »

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How to Raise Vegetarian Children?

Raising your children on a vegetarian diet is a personal choice, though there is evidence to suggest that vegetarian children will grow up with fewer diet related health issues such as obesity, hig... Read More »

Should you raise children as vegetarian or let them chose?

Well..if it's my house, it's my rules. If I choose not to buy or serve meat in my home, I would certainly provide a well balanced vegetarian diet for my children. If my child, once old enough, d... Read More »

Would it be fair to raise your children vegetarian or vegan?

It should be their choice. However, until they get to the age where they can make an informed decision and cook for themselves, they'll eat their veggie burgers and like it.

Why do people think that being vegetarian is wrong!?

I'm a meat-eater but I don't jump right in with a "you're missing out" comment without some form of "why do you eat meat if you love animals" comment first. Both sides of this have these comments m... Read More »