Why do people say "dont eat past 8 o'clock"?

Answer Because when you wind down and go to sleep, your motablism slows WAY down and your body retains more fat than it would when you're active.

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How to Stay Awake Past 10 Oclock?

Getting close and closer to 10:00 !!!!Do you usually fall asleep at 10:00 at a sleepover? If so, here's how you can to stay up later!

Once discharged from a job dont employer have to pay you for past income that was worked?

When you are fired, the employer must pay you the wages that you have earned.

Why cant i sleep its two oclock am?

Its probably becuse of this disease called the internet. No cure has been discovered yet.

Why do some people get the flu and other people in same house dont?

Some may practice better hygiene; some may have immunity from other bouts with the flu; others may simply have a better immune system that responds without making them sick, and some people just ar... Read More »