Why do people say Wikipedia is always getting better / more accurate?

Answer From my observations as a former editor of Wikipedia, I would not say that Wikipedia apologists believe that anything especially magical happened in 2007 that had not already been. Rather, they wo... Read More »

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Why do so many people refuse to accept that Wikipedia is very accurate?

If you honestly believe "that Wikipedia is very accurate," then your standards for accuracy must be extremely low. Sure you have to make concessions in favor of Wikipedia to even be able to compare... Read More »

Is more data always better for factor analysis?

If the data is related to a phenomenon, then more tends to be better. Factor analysis attempts to reduce the number of variables that account for a seemingly complicated phenomenon. More data may r... Read More »

Why dont more people use wikipedia to answer their questions?

wikipedia is unreliable. but then again, so is y!a... but the advantage of y!a is that if multiple people say the same thing its probably correct...

Are more people getting cancer?

The cancer incidence rate has been fairly stable for several decades.The cancer death rate has actually reduced.The overall numbers are increasing simply because the population is increasing.The in... Read More »