Why do people put rocks on top of gravestones?

Answer Leaving rocks or stones on gravestones is predominantly a Jewish custom. There are various explanations as to why the custom originated, but most Jews agree that one clear purpose is to honor the ... Read More »

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Why do people put coins on gravestones?

Some believe a coin on a gravestone brings good luck, like making a wish in a fountain. Others believe it dates back to Greek mythology when coins were placed on the eyes of the deceased to pay the... Read More »

Why do people put rocks on headstones?

The practice on placing a rock or pebble on a headstone is an ancient one, and is particularly common among Jewish mourners. It is an act of respect on the part of the cemetery visitor, showing tha... Read More »

Why Do People Put Rocks on a Gravestone?

Many different cultures leave symbolic tokens on gravestones to honor the dead. Although the exact origins of the custom are unknown, Jewish mourners continue to leave rocks on gravestones to show ... Read More »

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