Why do people put rocks on headstones?

Answer The practice on placing a rock or pebble on a headstone is an ancient one, and is particularly common among Jewish mourners. It is an act of respect on the part of the cemetery visitor, showing tha... Read More »

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Why do Jews put rocks on headstones?

The Jewish practice of putting a small rock or pebble on a grave marker when visiting a cemetery is both longstanding and widespread. As with many such practices, the reasons given for it are many ... Read More »

Why do people put pennies on headstones?

Placing pennies, or coins of any kind, on headstones is part of some cultural heritages. It is also part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years and has managed to survive today.HistoryTh... Read More »

Why do people put coins on headstones?

Like flowers, toys and stuffed animals, coins are a common sight at cemeteries. Placing coins on headstones is an old tradition with several different meanings, from remembering the dead to making ... Read More »

Why do people put rocks on top of gravestones?

Leaving rocks or stones on gravestones is predominantly a Jewish custom. There are various explanations as to why the custom originated, but most Jews agree that one clear purpose is to honor the ... Read More »