Why do people put preservatives in our food?

Answer People have used food preservatives throughout history to prevent food from spoiling. This helps prevent food waste and food-borne illnesses.PurposePreservatives help prevent the growth of bacteria... Read More »

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Problems Associated With Food Preservatives?

Many Americans eat processed food full of preservatives, often from a box. Food producers use preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing and prolong a product's shelf life. Preservatives can al... Read More »

Are there really no preservatives in jarred baby food?

I do not have a problem with commercial baby food, however I chose to make my own for economical reasons as well as better food choices. 1 sweet potato can make the equivalent of 5-6 ounces of foo... Read More »

Why does preservatives and preservation make food unhealthy?

because preservatives cause health problems for example-cancers of many types-asthma attacks-vomiting-chest pains-high blood pressure - breathing problems and many more health problems

Can food preservatives cause irritable bowel syndrome?

On One Hand: IBS is complicatedIrritable Bowel Syndrome has no specific cause. Instead, its sufferers often have a series of triggers that set off stomach discomfort. For some IBS sufferers, food p... Read More »