Why do people put pennies on headstones?

Answer Placing pennies, or coins of any kind, on headstones is part of some cultural heritages. It is also part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years and has managed to survive today.HistoryTh... Read More »

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Why do people put coins on headstones?

Like flowers, toys and stuffed animals, coins are a common sight at cemeteries. Placing coins on headstones is an old tradition with several different meanings, from remembering the dead to making ... Read More »

Why do people put rocks on headstones?

The practice on placing a rock or pebble on a headstone is an ancient one, and is particularly common among Jewish mourners. It is an act of respect on the part of the cemetery visitor, showing tha... Read More »

How are headstones placed on a grave?

Before you order a headstone, ask the cemetery if there are any restrictions on size, style or any other details. Some cemeteries are very strict and only allow flat headstones, while others allow ... Read More »

Cheap headstones in US?

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