Why do people put nutritional facts on water?

Answer so ppl could know wat is in the water

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Elk Meat Nutritional Facts?

Elk meat has nutritional benefits that give it an advantage over other meats. It is versatile to prepare, as it can be ground and made into burgers, cut into steaks and pan-fried or grilled, roaste... Read More »

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Corn is a low-cost feed choice for energy and weight gain in horses. In feed it is usually cracked, but can be fed on the cob, or as whole shelled corn. Actually, cracking corn is economically wast... Read More »

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How much salt do you consume?What kind of salt do you use.I notice my son retains a lot of water if he eats a lot of salt.i use uva ursi,and green tea to help get rid of water retention.Hopefully,y... Read More »