Why do people put coins on gravestones?

Answer Some believe a coin on a gravestone brings good luck, like making a wish in a fountain. Others believe it dates back to Greek mythology when coins were placed on the eyes of the deceased to pay the... Read More »

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Why do people put rocks on top of gravestones?

Leaving rocks or stones on gravestones is predominantly a Jewish custom. There are various explanations as to why the custom originated, but most Jews agree that one clear purpose is to honor the ... Read More »

Why do people collect coins?

According to the United States Mint, coin collecting is referred to as the "hobby of the kings." This is because kings and the rich were the only ones who used to be able to afford coin collecting.... Read More »

Why do people put coins on headstones?

Like flowers, toys and stuffed animals, coins are a common sight at cemeteries. Placing coins on headstones is an old tradition with several different meanings, from remembering the dead to making ... Read More »

Who were the first people to mint coins?

Although many cultures developed coins at different times, the world's first minted coin is considered to be the Lydian Lion. Made from a gold and silver alloy, this coin with the image of a lion w... Read More »