Why do people press the buttons?

Answer lol I think it's a natural human reaction, much the same way that you find yourself speaking slower and louder to foreigners - as if it helps!

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Press buttons on remote, and the tv turns off?

The circui boards get worn out easaily, Try openiing the remote and clean it. If the problem persists still try buying a new one. Try after market products, you get it for pretty low price

How to stop my mouse from turning off when i press both buttons?

What buttons do you press to Start 2002 Lincoln remote control?

If you have a Zenith DTT-901, the code for my radioshack remote was 01414.

Whats a cool way to type my name are ther any specail buttons i can press?

There has been a small App available on Windows systems for a long time called Character Map. It is usually located in the System Tools folder. This will allow you to pick and choose hundreds of ... Read More »