Why do people prefer to buy a condominium rather than another kind of home?

Answer In a condominium, an owner pays a monthly assessment to the association that owns the exterior real estate assets.The association then pays for, for example: Building insurance Building and propert... Read More »

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Why do most people prefer to drive stick shift cars rather than automatic cars Are stick shifts better?

I thought most people prefer automatics. But sticks are more fun and keep you busy.

How Would a Yield Curve Change if People Prefer Short-Term Bonds Rather Than Long-Term Bonds?

Bonds are a type of fixed-income security. However, the return you earn from the bond is influenced by the length of time until maturity. This return is known as the yield. Bonds come in various si... Read More »

Why do most people prefer white colored skin ppl rather then dark?

Should a mother stay at home with her young children rather than working outside the home?

On One Hand: Advantages of HomeStaying home with your children will help facilitate a strong parent-child bond by allowing you to teach, nurture, and entertain your child. Furthermore, if no qualit... Read More »