Why do people prefer taking the lift over stairs?

Answer Because they're fat, stupid and lazy.But it doesn't bother me because it means there's no rush in the stairwell.

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Why do most people prefer Rock music over Hip-Hop?

I don't see why. Yeah, most of the Rap says offensive things, but when compared to most of the Rock I hear, I prefer Rap WAY more than off-key instruments, and loud screaming. I don't know really. ... Read More »

Where can you find the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner commercial video where the family cat prances up the carpeted stairs screeches then sneezes and is left bald with all its fur all over the stairs?

There is no little man who turns off the light. There's a little switch in the middle that the refrigerator turns off when it shuts. There is so a little man who lives in the fridge. I have seen h... Read More »

How many people prefer a female psychiatrist over a male psychiatrist?

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1987 determined that a preference for treatment by a male or female psychiatrist might be related to the patient's gender. For example, tw... Read More »

How to Heely over Stairs?

Here's a easy way to jump stairs with Heelies. It's fun jumping off the stairs with Heelies and it is quite impressive. It's one of the coolest tricks ever with some skates. Try this but be really ... Read More »