Why do people prefer taking the lift over stairs?

Answer Because they're fat, stupid and lazy.But it doesn't bother me because it means there's no rush in the stairwell.

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Why cant people see that adopting kids is taking advantage of people with "less than'?

Personally, I think if people really cared about the welfare of the child they would actually sponser the family and help them parent their own biological child. A lot of adoptive parents are not i... Read More »

If you get shoved down the stairs or fall down the stairs as a child can that make a girl infertile when she i?

Most likely no. The only way it would affect your fertility is if your abdomin was crushed like in a car accident or something. A fall won't affect fertility. I had a friend who was pregnant and go... Read More »

Do you laugh at people who can only lift like 40 lbs?

No don't be so sensitive. In no time you'll be lifting 50 lbs and laughing at the girly men lifting 40!

Why do people lift their trucks?

People install suspension lifts on trucks for a number of reasons. Off-road truck owners usually lift their trucks for better ground clearance during steep or rocky conditions. Others may install a... Read More »