Why do people on here seem to think wiki is like the modern day bible?

Answer Wikipedia is a fascinating construct, because it's returned some level of authority to the people. Now most folk aren't used to having that, and don't particularly know how to use it -- they're stu... Read More »

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How to report people on wiki?

If the question you're asking is "I need compromising pics or videos of Wiki people I don't like so I can use it as evidence against them when I report them on Wikipedia" then there are many method... Read More »

How to Get People to Contribute to a Wiki?

The success and richness of a wiki depends on how many people edit and improve it. This articles hopes to establish what steps increase the likelihood of people contributing. We hope this resource ... Read More »

Why do most people use Wiki as Source of Info?

Because theyre lazy. Wikipedia is a good source of general information, but when those kids write in their papers that Jennifer Anniston is an alien without questioning it, then they are just lazy

What's the point of a Wiki if people delete pages instead of improving them?

The point of a wiki like Wikipedia is to provide a platform for ego gratification for introverted narcissists. All the talk of "making knowledge free" is just to take care of the funding needed to... Read More »