Why do people on here seem to think wiki is like the modern day bible?

Answer Wikipedia is a fascinating construct, because it's returned some level of authority to the people. Now most folk aren't used to having that, and don't particularly know how to use it -- they're stu... Read More »

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Why are beers like Bud Light popular when most people seem to think they suck?

I find your comment faulty and full of biased and misleading information. It is clear that most people like Bud Light and why it is so popular. Why care? Maybe you worked for the company years ago ... Read More »

Why are there so many people on here saying, "think what your tattoo will look like when you are 80!"?

I agree with you, it's annoying. To cre8mean- just because we are tattooed doesn't mean we are stupid. We understand people ask this question because tattoo will fade, stretch, and wrinkle with us ... Read More »

Major industries in Geneva, Switzerland People seem so rich here, any suggestions?

Finance and service industries, like in most of Switzerland. And they only seem to be rich, many people get state support for their health insurance etc. Most likely you are just referring to the r... Read More »

Is anybody here afraid of old porcelain dolls, that seem like they're looking at you?

I can trace this same feeling in me back to watching Rod Serling's Twilight Zone too late at night with a babysitter as a small child! Didn't that episode star Telly Sevalis?Oddly enough I think t... Read More »