Why do people not google questions before asking on y!a?

Answer I agree with you entirely because quite often the answers are, use Google.

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Do people google it before asking it on Y answers?

no being a fire fox i binged it on chrome while on opera ,but i prefer the version of search on ~> you can find it by searching in the yahoo box on bye see yahoo

Why don't people use Google before asking stuff?

I love google too, but sometimes we just want to hear from real ppl!

How many people try Google before asking a question on Yahoo! Answers?

The fact is, a large percentage of askers wouldn't know the first thing about using a search engine. The most basic function of the internet even existing and people aint got a clue how to use it. ... Read More »

Why do the 999 emergency people keep asking questions?

The ambulance or fire engine is usually dispatched immediately and they ask questions to see if there is anything that you can do until they get there. I have the utmost respect for the operators,... Read More »