Why do people not google questions before asking on y!a?

Answer I agree with you entirely because quite often the answers are, use Google.

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Do American people REALLY google these questions about British people lol ?

Being an American I can say those are exactly the type of questions Americans would google. Though I think the bad teeth stereotype has died out somewhat. Admittedly I wondered about a couple of th... Read More »

Do people that ask questions on Y!A not know how to use google?

there are definitely some questions people ask here that could be done on google...but a lot of peoples questions are way to specific (or random) to be searched on google i guess. people do ask for... Read More »

Why can't people just Google their questions?

GREAT QUESTION AND STATEMENT!!!Here's another one: why the heck are people asking EMERGENCY medical questions on YA!???? I just saw one about someone's Lab having seizures or something like that? W... Read More »

Why do some people ask questions on here that they could easily google?

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy! By the way, can you tell me how many ounces there are in a cup? Thanks!