Why do people not find it necessary to properly tip their servers?

Answer Having worked in the food/bev industry while in school, I think the answers are as diverse as there are stereotypes of humans.I found Professors the worst tippers, to which I attribute them having ... Read More »

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Why are people so disrespectful towards their servers?

Because they thave never ever worked in the service industry. I'm sure after working just one dinner service they would have a completely different attitude. They also don't realize that the nice... Read More »

Why do people find it necessary to answer questions with wikipedia?

Today, I've answered (sarcastically, of course) two very peculiar questions. One was along the lines of "which country dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima" and the other was "Did Fidel Castro win ... Read More »

Is it just me or do other people find their Doctors rude?

I don't think mine is rude, just bloody arrogant, like, what are you wasting my time for, just take this prescription and leave

Why doesn't Facebook help people find their soulmates?

Facebook only shows a very small, limited amount of what constitutes a whole person, and even that is a partial fabrication of the personality of the account holder.  You will not find a "soul mat... Read More »