Why do people move from one country to another?

Answer Emigration is the act of leaving one country to settle in another. People emigrate for a variety of reasons, including economic and political.WarWar has caused many residents to leave one country i... Read More »

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Can custodial parent move minor out of country if she is going to get married to someone of a foreign country?

Answer Call the phone number on your court papers. Or call your court representitive. It is very important to be up-front in all of your dealings with the court. In some states you can not leav... Read More »

How to Move to a New Country?

Sometimes it is necessary to move countries for whatever reason. It may be a job, family situations or maybe you want a fresh start. Whatever the situation, leaving what you have in your current co... Read More »

Why are people still obsessed with Michael Jackson Hello people, he is dead, it's time to move on?

I think it's the same reason people are still obsessed with Jesus. Some of us move on earlier than others.Damn that was a good answer on my part... Haha just gonna put that out there.Thanks Derek. ... Read More »

If you move to another country can you get out of the military?

Well, I'm not really sure, I mean, you can go to, they have the answers to that question, about whether or not you can join the army if you have a felony. I think it said you can, but you'... Read More »