Why do people make those stupid faces in their myspace/facebook pictures...?

Answer There is a pose that my friends and I like to call the "myspace" pose. It is a photo taken by the person themselves, with the camera above their head. They are looking up, but with the head still t... Read More »

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How to Make Smiley Faces or Pictures With a Keyboard?

The smiley, and its many variants, has become an important part of digital messaging since Scott Fahlman introduced it in the early 1980s on a Carnegie Mellon University computer science general bo... Read More »

This probably sounds stupid, but how do you get pictures off your digital camera?

Well its not stupid. Take the digital card out of your camera and take it to the kiosks or photo shop nearby or even download it from your camera to your computer using the cable that came with you... Read More »

People don't criticize artists for paint on canvases, why do people criticize girls for makeup on faces?

That's like saying every girl is capable of being an artist! And if it looks like someone painted on a canvas, but instead it was a face... well then you just look like a clown.I think it is becaus... Read More »

How to Draw People Faces?

Many people know how to draw lots of different things, but a real challenge is drawing people faces. These simple steps will help you become an expert people face drawer!