Why do people make babies?

Answer To make a new life and to have children

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Do you think the holidays make people want more babies?

YES!!! Not only adopted babies, either. My BFF (during four years of ttc) would grieve through the holidays over the baby she had not conceived. She worried about every holiday season that her ... Read More »

Do people really leave babies on other people's doorsteps in baskets they'll take care of them?

Why do people assume poor people cannot parent and don't deserve their babies?

Yeah, I noticed them, too. I also know that most people in America live one or two paychecks from homelessness, and one serious family illness, like breast cancer, heart attack or stroke, can wipe... Read More »

How does people have babies?

When a woman and a man are sexually active, the man inserts his penis into the woman's vagina, then his sperm will come out. His sperm will then travel to the woman's eggs and may "fertilize" one o... Read More »