Why do people love to abuse the internet?

Answer Because they can. It is an easy, convenient, seemingly consequence-free way to annoy people to derive entertainment. Why do people play tricks and pull pranks? I'm sure you know the answer to that.... Read More »

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Internet Abuse in Colleges?

For many, college is their first opportunity to live in an unsupervised, independent environment, and that kind of freedom may lead some to break the rules. Because of factors like varying schedule... Read More »

Why do people abuse children?

This requires a complex answer that many people belive they have the answer to, but few, if any, fully understand sufficently to answer. People may act abusively to their children for many reasons... Read More »

Why do some people abuse?

they abuse because they are retarted to there head

Why do people abuse methadone?

hello,I have been on 130mg of methadone for 4 years for vicodin addiction,I thank God that I found this treatment,when I first started on treatment they started me on 50 mg,I felt good at first but... Read More »