Why do people lose their hair during chemotherapy?

Answer Undergoing treatment for cancer is difficult in itself, but hair loss can be another unwanted side effect of chemotherapy treatment. While this result can be terrible to deal with, hair loss is a r... Read More »

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Does everyone lose hair during chemotherapy because i have long hair and i don't want to lose it all?

Not all chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss, though most do. Some just cause thinning of the hair, and some cause no hair loss at all.Your oncologist will be able to tell you whether you should ex... Read More »

When having chemotherapy, do you always lose your hair?

I just had chemo and did not lose all my hair on my head. Not even a bald spot. Although It did thin my beard and mustache that I was growing. The faster growing black hairs usually fall out first.... Read More »

Does a person always lose all of his hair as a result of chemotherapy?

On One Hand: Chemotherapy Often Causes Hair LossChemotherapy is a type of drug that stops rapidly dividing cells, like cancer cells, from multiplying. However, chemotherapy also affects healthy cel... Read More »

What is the name of the condition where people lose hair or can't grow hair?