Why do people look different from there parents and siblings?

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Explain why sometimes siblings that come from same parents do not look alike?

If your sister is 10 and she want everything to go her way and is a bossy brat then there is no way that you can make her nice she think that just because she has a big head and she think that is c... Read More »

Why do siblings in a given family look similar yet are all different?

Seeing the question without details your a female with a lot or a few of female friends and your little brother is in love with all of them. Well; don't be alarmed he is way to young to know whats ... Read More »

How do you hide a facebook from parents and siblings?

If you want to block them completely from being able to find you on Facebook, click on Account on the top left corner then click on Privacy settings. Near the bottom of the screen that comes up it ... Read More »

Do DNA of the siblings born from the same parents match?

DNA of siblings are not complete matches of each other but show some similarity and common banding patterns. In case of identical twins, however, the DNA is a perfect match.