Why do people like fashion so much?

Answer Any dog, even well-trained ones, can attack if they are scared or feel threatened.

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Why it is that people who have very good fashion sense...?

"judge a book by its cover"... pretty much sums up the whole question.lets see.. you make a lot of money and hang out with average and rural people... yes!!! they will get make a lot ... Read More »

Fashion Tips for Apple-Shaped People?

When it comes to fashion, consider how outfits look on your individual figure. If you're apple-shaped, your weight is distributed around your midsection, with a naturally wide torso and a less-defi... Read More »

What fashion impact did Irish people have on America?

The Irish, like many groups of people that immigrated to the United States, have had a distinctive and influential impact on many facets of American life, fashion being one of the most readily noti... Read More »

In one word describe your fashion style/fashion-sense!?