Why do people like facebook so much?

Answer it's just a good place to (re)connect

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How do people earn from a website online ... like facebook... if by clicking how much you get per click?

Well First Of all.. One cant earn from Facebook.. Its all spam...If you need to earn online by making website, just make a website, get its domain name (Search online for details), and publish it..... Read More »

Facebook : Do you like it when strangers or people you don't talk to like your status?

Depends on how frequenty they do it once or twice cool all your or most of your post then you've got a fb stalker

Why do people like facebook?

idk.... its pointless to me.... idc wat ppl say ive had myspace and im keeping it and im NOT g2 get a facebook. so many ppl want me to get one but y its basically the same as myspace but u cant per... Read More »

People on Facebook, do you like the new layout?

I've gotten used to it, and I like it now. At first I hated it when it kept switching my page from the old layout to the new one during the phasing stage.But like anything else, it took time and f... Read More »