Why do people like apple products when they are so much more expensive?

Answer Spyware, viruses, constant pop-ups asking to renew anti-virus software, screen freezing, pointless bundled software, slow start-up are all eliminated when switching to a mac. Also the interface is ... Read More »

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How can American people afford apple products- I mean iphone 4 is way to much expensive that i can buy 4 android phones with all major features and quality compromise. Are american people that rich?

Every night, it should last all day unless you are continuously playing apps

Why Apple products are so much expensive?

Apple phones are costly as they are a part of a whole brand whose image stand out. Its all about the brand and its image.Also the quality offered by these companies isPremium. Just like products of... Read More »

How are apple products so expensive/popular ?

Apple makes better products. Actually, iPhones are made with glass and aluminum, which is more luxurious than cheap plastic on other phones. Believe me, go for a few days with a PLASTIC phone. They... Read More »

Why do people like Apple products?

I dont think I undestand the question, and i certainly dont think you are well informed on Apple Products. Basically i own the following Apple Products;* Apple iPhone 4 16GB* Apple iPod Nano 8GB* A... Read More »