Why do people lift their trucks?

Answer People install suspension lifts on trucks for a number of reasons. Off-road truck owners usually lift their trucks for better ground clearance during steep or rocky conditions. Others may install a... Read More »

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Why do the gas, electric, and cable company put a cone in front of their trucks whenever their come to my apt?

It just to show they're on duty in & out or working inside their vans or to make sure they're temporarily occupying that parking space so it don't get towed or ticketed.It sometimes deters thieves ... Read More »

Why are some men put the signed " Harley Davidson " on their trucks?

First a word to "strech": Edoedo's first language is American Sign Language, which is very different from English. When you learn ASL you can criticize his grammar, but not until then.Edoedo, in ... Read More »

Do large trucks on the freeway need to keep a minimum safe distance when a car enters their lane?

All these answers are correct, a semi needs more space to slow down than a 4 wheeled vehicle. Their stopping distance also depends on the weight of their load. The lighter the load, the longer it t... Read More »

Do infertile people pass down their infertility to their children?

Um... you are the stupidest person ever, no they do not.....