Why do people laugh when you use Wikipedia as a source?

Answer You should probably never use any encyclopedia as a reference. Not Wikipedia, not Brittanica. Instead, you should cite primary or secondary sources like a research paper or a textbook, depending on... Read More »

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Don't you hate it when people complain & make a fuss when you use wikipedia as a source ?

THANK YOUI know so many people that bash on me for using that site.But it's just as reliable as using a different site that's written by someone that probably knows about the same as the person edi... Read More »

Don't you love when people put Wikipedia as their source for answering questions on here?

As a computer scientist - and this issue has been discussed time and time again in my classes - you are right to a point. Where people can just go and put whatever they want, people do read and rep... Read More »

How can people use wikipedia as a source?

They imagine it actually has correct info. They don't bother to check a primary source and just use it as a cheap shortcut to avoid having to think about answers.If I see someone quoting big chunks... Read More »

Why do people use "Wikipedia" as a reference source?

Some of you miss the point. An encyclopedia is SUPPOSED to be a source of FACT not opinion. It is NOT an encyclopedia!