Why do people laugh when I say I pulled my groin?

Answer I have never laughed when tugging on your groin. ((HUGS))

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Why do people laugh when you use Wikipedia as a source?

You should probably never use any encyclopedia as a reference. Not Wikipedia, not Brittanica. Instead, you should cite primary or secondary sources like a research paper or a textbook, depending on... Read More »

Why do people laugh when they see me with my Walkman?

You don't even worry about what other people think of you! You are going to the beat of a different drummer...a drummer that is now about 20 years older, but different.

Why do people always laugh when I admit that I'm a virgin?

How bad do the shackles rattle when they are laughing?

I work for a sweet factory, packing fudge, but when i tell people what i do they just laugh at me?

I am a pub landlord and I get very strange looks when I try to be helpful and offer to push my customer's stool up for them.