Why do people keep deleting me on facebook?

Answer Ever thought that people clean out friends that haven't had contact with for a very long time.Everyone has a clean out every so often. It's called good housekeeping!I mean come on, you say you have... Read More »

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Deleting my facebook soon?

You Can Send a Message to All your Friends on Facebook And Let them Know that your Leaving and Give them your Email Or Any Other Contact Method in A Message

Is there any way of permanently deleting Facebook?

Yes you Can Delete it Permanently Go Here…Once you Hit Delete Account Do Not Login for 14 days and it should be Deleted If you Login It Will Reset the Pro... Read More »

Whats a good excuse for deleting someone on facebook?

"I just felt like it"orIf they ask why you deleted them or something be all like :"Wow, I didn't even notice you were gone, maybe facebook is having problems...again"

One of my best friends is deleting comments and other posts on facebook just because there is a spelling error?

Just let him be, if you don't want to get into an issue.