Why do people keep baby teeth?

Answer Because the tooth nerve is made up of three major parts that cause the baby tooth to be pushed out and a new one to come in. sometimes not all of the teeth get reached therefore the person with thi... Read More »

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How long can puppies keep their baby teeth?

Puppies typically lose their baby teeth at about four months of age, but could lose teeth as early as three months of age or as late as eight months. If baby teeth do not give way to adult teeth, t... Read More »

Why Do Baby teeth need to be pulled if no adult teeth are present?

Baby teeth are a lot weaker than adult teeth. Even if there's no adult tooth to replace it, it'll usually crack and fail by itself eventually anyhow.

How many teeth are found in set of temporary or baby human teeth?

What do you do if adult teeth are growing in behind baby teeth?

This happened`with our six year old. Sometimes the adult teeth do not "attack" the root of the "baby" tooth and weaken it enough to make it fall out first. This is not an "emergency" but you should... Read More »