Why do people judge me on what i wear?

Answer ohhh it might be the age of the people involved.... or not... but some people just love to Pre-judge others and classify them..which is silly... your tastes are eclectic, and that's exactly wh... Read More »

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Why do people watch judge judy and judge mathis these 'judges' have more personal problems than the litigants.very degrading and mean spirited..the opposite character of what a judge should possess?

Judge Judy expects a direct answer to a direct question & does not tolerate word-games. This would be fine if she was polite and not abusive herself. But she does not respect anyone herself so shou... Read More »

Can you judge who people are by the clothes they wear?

Hi Skycat, I don't think so..I don't judge people for the way they dress.. I go by their personality,smiling,how they act around others.being honest,caring and fun to be around..That's My Opinion..... Read More »

What should I wear to be in the audience of Judge Mathis?

It's a courthouse. There's no dress code. Jeans are fine.

Why do people judge people with tattoo's so poorly?

anyone who judges another does so because putting someone else down makes them feel better about them self. a person with a tattoo is no different then a person without one. if I was walking down... Read More »