To the people that itch after tanning beds.?

Answer It's completely normal to itch after tanning because of the chemicals on your skin and the loss of moisture. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized and for future reference, take a shower before tan... Read More »

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Why Does Grass Make People Itch?

When summer approaches, the world once again turns green. Trees sprout leaves, flowers bloom and grass grows plentiful. Children often enjoy playing and rolling around in grassy areas such as fores... Read More »

What's an itch?

something that bugs u to death until u scratch it or a person that gets on ur nerves.....also a feelingof dicomfort of the skin..Itch (Latin: pruritus) is an unpleasant sensation that evokes the de... Read More »

How to help your dog and b....itch have sex.?

What causes us to itch ?

Dry skin can be a source of itchiness, but moisturizing doesn't seem to stop those little, random itches that happen anywhere for no reason. From what I've read, the physiological mechanisms behind... Read More »