Why do people insist on growing weeds?

Answer Naivety, ignorance or contempt. People think a plant is "Pretty" so they buy it and plant it in their garden. They haven't realised that the nursery is actively encouraging the destruction of their... Read More »

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How to Keep Weeds From Growing in My Cottage Garden?

The heirloom roses, tall delphinium spires, and colorful blend of trees and flowers make your cottage garden a picturesque landscape. Puffy dandelions and obnoxious weeds not only distract from you... Read More »

How do I keep weeds from growing in flower beds?

Amend the SoilAmend the soil as necessary by adding fertilizers or compost. Cultivate it in to a depth of 4 to 6 inches while loosening the soil for the addition of garden plants.Add a Weed BlockLa... Read More »

How do you control weeds in growing an asparagus patch?

This has to be done manually by pulling or cultivating. There are no approved herbicides in organic growing. ANSWER:A thick mulch will deter weed seed growth and will benefit the plant as it decomp... Read More »

How to Stop Weeds From Growing in Flower Beds?

Weeds in flower gardens are a normal part of gardening, but if left, they can quickly take over your flower garden. Weeds can steal precious nutrients and moisture from the soil that your flowers ... Read More »