Why do people insist on bringing their screaming children to better restaurants to bother other diners?

Answer That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?My friend and I call them "howler monkeys" - hopefully someday parents will learn that the right place to teach your child manners is at home, then at a... Read More »

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Is is cruel for a 60-year-old woman to insist her father cease his lifelong pattern of screaming and making hurtful remarks at her?

Answer Absolutely not--what's sad is that she has put up with this verbal abuse for so long. He may be her parent, but a person who has a long history of verbal abuse towards his child is not ... Read More »

Why do people bother answering other people's questions if they don't have anything nice to say?

It takes all types to make this world---all people are not considerate about other person's feelings---but there are a whole lot of decent people also---that is why we keep coming back to this site... Read More »

Why do people insist on eating meat?

"Because it tastes so damn good!"People think that the momentary pleasure that they get from eating meat is more important than the life of the animal. Also, the feeble-minded among us don't want ... Read More »

Why do some people insist on being so damn rude on here?

I agree with you totally, and I almost stopped logging on for the same reason - Drama and rudeness between mum's over opinions. I honestly think it's great to have an opinion, but what gets me is t... Read More »