Why do people in here lie about abortion?

Answer i really could care less, if a woman wants to have can abortion, she can go right ahead, stupid anti-abortion assholes

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Does anyone on here totally regret their abortion..........were you able to--(please star!)?

The grieving process shouldn`t be associated with abortion. No one dies during an abortion, there is nothing to grieve or mourn and no need to feel regret. Most women feel relief after an abortion,... Read More »

Do you think that people, primarily women, answer here and dont think about the repurcussions of their words?

Well, i wasn't going to answer even tho it is a great question but i think i will try anyhow. :) Yes, people have been unnecessarily rude to me BUT i have also been unnecessarily rude back. (not ne... Read More »

How many Caucasian people here are scared of Black people?

Well here is a little knowledge... I think the world is. Ok ..Since us the African Americans were forcably brought to a civilization that wasn't our own, we were also forced to adapt. We the Africa... Read More »

Y do so many people endanger themselves by asking people advice on here when they should see a doctor?

Because doctors are expensive and often not very attentive. And it's almost imppossible to go see one unless you have insurance, which alot of people don't have. Even if you do have it, there is us... Read More »