Why do people in here lie about abortion?

Answer i really could care less, if a woman wants to have can abortion, she can go right ahead, stupid anti-abortion assholes

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Why do some people think abortion is okay!?

Another woman's choice to do that, doesn't affect you. I would rather a girl have an abortion than to take it to term and leave the baby in a dumpster. They are probably trying to persuade you to... Read More »

Why do people think that adoption is the only alternative to abortion?

"You keep the baby, abort it, or give it up for adoption."Oh my dear god. I think my heart just stopped beating in absolute shock. *falls off her chair in shock*SOMEONE SUGGESTED "KEEP THE BABY" - ... Read More »

Why do people choose abortion over adoption?

It is so hard to give up a baby for adoption, and also people don't want to go through the pregnancy. Also, what is the point in bringing more unwanted babies into the world when there already are ... Read More »

People Pushing Adoption over Abortion?

I agree - the pro-life movement shouldn't be in the pocket of the adoption industry - the industry actvely pushes for adoption as the "loving and selfless" option. And why not? It's their revenue... Read More »