Why do people in Norway put bowls of rice pudding out for the barn elf?

Answer Elves, called Nisse, are a big part of Norwegian folklore. Nisser, plural for nisse, live in the mountains of Norway. During the 12 days of Christmas, the nisser come down from the mountains to fin... Read More »

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I need a recipe for rice pudding that is made only in the oven, (not on a cook top at all), with uncooked rice?

This rich, creamy slow baked rice pudding recipe is the ultimate version of the classic comfort food. The old-fashioned method of slow cooking the rice in milk gives the vanilla custard an incredib... Read More »

Can you freeze rice pudding?

It is acceptable to freeze rice pudding. The creamy dessert can safely be kept in the freezer for one to two months. The simplest method involves pouring the pudding into ice cube trays for later u... Read More »

Who invented rice pudding?

No one knows exactly who invented rice pudding. The earliest mention of rice pudding is in ancient Roman medicine books, where it was recommended for upset stomachs. Recipes for rice pudding first ... Read More »

Is rice pudding good for you?

On One Hand: Rice Pudding Isn't the Worst TreatRice pudding provides some nutrition and, as far as desserts go, it's not a bad choice. Traditional rice pudding contains 140 calories per 4 oz. servi... Read More »