Why do people in Australia eat and make such sh!t food?

Answer Where are you from? I'll guess you are from here in the good ol' USofA, home of the most ethnocentric culture the planet has ever seen. You probably love super sour candy, super salty soup, super... Read More »

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Is there such thing as a medical marijuana card in qld australia ?

No. Marijuana is illegal throughout Australia. There is a tolerance in some places such as Adelaide and Canberra where you won't be charged if you are caught with a small amount or grow two or thre... Read More »

Why do people have such a problem with random people adding them?

I understand where you're coming from, but I myself don't like to add someone randomly over the internet. It feels like a complete stranger came up to me and asked for my personal info. I mean I kn... Read More »

Why does spicy food make people sweat?

"The answer hinges on the fact that spicy foods excite the receptors in the skin that normally respond to heat. Those receptors are pain fibers, technically known as polymodal nociceptors. They res... Read More »

Food ideas for people to make for Grad Party?

Have people bring the traditional party type foods or things that you would ordinarly take to an outdoor barbecue, picnic, or family gathering. It would be good to have some people bring savory dis... Read More »