Why do people ignore me while I'm talking to them?

Answer Well, Some people ignore /me/ because I'm quite annoying and I irritate quite a few people.

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How many people die a year from talking on a cell phone while driving?

Cell phone distractions cause 2,600 deaths each year in addition to 330,000 injuries, according to When drivers talk on a cell phone they react to break lights 18 percent slower th... Read More »

How many people die from talking on their cell phones while driving?

According to a Harvard University Study cited by the Edgar Snyder law firm, an estimated 2,600 people die per year while driving and using cell phones. A writer at LiveScience claims that cell phon... Read More »

Dont you hate it when people are talking on their cell phones while driving!?

I hear ya....cell phones and rubber neckers...HATE THEM!!!

What is this game show called I've seen it once and people with guts do stupid things for money while talking via headset to the host ex Lean out a port-a-potty and ask a stranger for a magazine?