Why do people ignore me on Facebook all the time ?

Answer That's just how it goes. The reason we see comments on friends FB posts and we might think they're getting more than we are is because we see all the accumulated stuff from our feed. But I'll bet m... Read More »

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Why do people waste so much of time on facebook?

Whats happening now on facebook is essential in our daily learning. People read feeling of others, give advices thru statuses, relate to it and even learn from it. There are also post or news from ... Read More »

How to Ignore People Who Try to Pick on You?

Do you ever get a feeling when somebody picks on you and insults you; you just want to cry and give up on people? Well you can just ignore them or take it and forget about it!

How to Ignore People You Don't Like?

Ignoring people you don't like can be hard. But, with the help of this article, you'll find yourself ignoring those "creeps" in no time! Just follow the steps below.

How to Deal With People Who Ignore You?

Quite simply put, you can deal with people who ignore you by doing the same to you: ignoring them back. To all the Bullies out there: Don't worry if they're not paying attention to you. Listen up i... Read More »