Why do people hurt younger people including their younger relatives?

Answer AnswerOften it's a way for someone who feels helpless or powerless in other aspects of his or her life to gain back a sense of control and power. They can't strike out at a person in a position of ... Read More »

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How to Get Along with Younger People?

Nobody on your street your age? This will help you get friends anyways!

Younger people smoking?

Look at the reasons why they smoke. Most people smoke because of stress, if kids are smoking, that usually means they are stressed out. Find out why they are stressed, and solve that problem, don't... Read More »

Why do younger people have more bones?

How to Communicate With Younger People?

Thinking of what you are sayingWhen you are speaking to a young person, keep in mind that at one time that you were that age, too, and that nobody young or old likes to be talked down to. Remember ... Read More »