Why do people hear a screeching sound when I voice chat?

Answer You getting infernace from your mic change you mics sentivity levels to +0 DB

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Why do people change the sound of their voice when talking to babies?

having two kids i realized that kids have a sensitivity and likeness to higher pitches and melody sounds...which is why Barney and other toddler and newborn shows really use different sounds and to... Read More »

How to Diagnose a Screeching Sound When Applying a Car's Brakes?

If you're driving around one day and you hear an awful screeching or grinding when you apply your brakes, don't ignore it. Among the possible causes are worn brake pads, which constitute both a maj... Read More »

On youtube when people do covers they make there voice sound so clean and good how do you do that?

Maybe they use something like this - plugs into both my Computer's MIC jack and the MIC jack on my camcorder.

When I talk on the phone I hear my voice in the background...why?

It could be one of 2 things you could be getting crosstalk from someone elses line and thats what your hearing in the background. Or it could be that the timing of the lines between you and whoeve... Read More »