Why do people have to get in your "bubble" when looking at stuff in a store?

Answer I guess you're talking about the grocery store since this is in the Food & Drink category. People are there looking for things. They're often busy people just going about their business trying to f... Read More »

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When you deactivate your facebook & reactivate it can people see your comments/likes on their stuff from befor?

Yes It's the same account so all the stuff will be there. I would recommend changing you privacy setting if you don't want things seen.

Question about people looking at your photos when you go to develope them.?

some photo developing centers need to check the photos developed just to insure that all were taken good and no red spots or dirts or ink spots, etc. but they must not tell you whether they know yo... Read More »

I got cut and when it happened before bleeding occured yellow bubble like stuff apped what is the yellow stuf?

Is it normal to have brown stuff in your urine when you are pregnant?

Answer brown blood is considered old blood so it is considered fine. Although you should let your doctor know, normally they like to document any bleeding brown or red.