Why do people have to get in your "bubble" when looking at stuff in a store?

Answer I guess you're talking about the grocery store since this is in the Food & Drink category. People are there looking for things. They're often busy people just going about their business trying to f... Read More »

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How Do I Store a Large Amount of Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is used for a wide variety of things. Although most people might not think about purchasing bubble wrap themselves, it can certainly come in handy. Whether you're shipping a package, wr... Read More »

I got cut and when it happened before bleeding occured yellow bubble like stuff apped what is the yellow stuf?

Where does all the electronic stuff not sold at the store end up ?

What's it called where people give massages to people suffering from pain, like muscle damage and stuff?

It's called Massage Therapy. It can be done in clinical, therapeutic or spa environments.