Why do people have swiss bank accounts?

Answer Swiss banks operate under similar guidelines to banks across the world. The attraction of Swiss bank accounts stems from the extra features they provide such as increased safety, privacy and access... Read More »

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Why are Swiss bank accounts so popular Whats the big deal What is a Swiss bank account?

Since these bank accounts are overseas, you dont have to report any profits on your taxes because it is not American currency, in addition, it is a good way to hide because it is overseas, what it ... Read More »

Are swiss bank accounts insured?

Swiss bank accounts are insured through a collective organization financed by the Swiss banks. The insurance is limited to 100,000 Swiss francs per account holder. The insurance extends protection ... Read More »

Information on Secure Swiss Millennium Bank Accounts?

A Millennium bank account is an overseas bank located in Switzerland. It is a subsidiary of United Trust of Switzerland and is licensed but not FDIC insured.

Can people on SSI have joint bank accounts?

Yes, joint bank accounts are acceptable. However, the Social Security Administration will consider all of the money in the account as the applicant's regardless of how much the applicant declares, ... Read More »