Why do people have such a negative attitude towards teenage pregnancies?

Answer People are negative towards teenage pregnancies because they normally happened by accident, the parents aren't responsible enough to take care of a child and it is common belief that it is wrong to... Read More »

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How many teenage pregnancies are there in the UK?

In 2006 in England there was 39, 003 women between 15-17 that were pregnant, excluding miscarriages and illegal abortion. 48% of which had legal abortion (via a hospital/doctor).Source: Office for ... Read More »

What are the causes of decreases in teenage pregnancies?

Better sex education and More availability of contraceptives.

How to Change a Negative Attitude?

Change a Negative attitude.The universal law of motion states that every action as an equal and opposite reaction. this means that when starting out to change a behaviour, you will meet stiff resis... Read More »

Has the rate of teenage pregnancies risen or dropped in the past ten years?