Why do people have kids but leave them behind and dont take care of them?

Answer Because people have sex without thinking of the consequences of impregnating or getting pregnant. I think single woman have to be more responsible and more careful when it comes to having sex. Ever... Read More »

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Do people really leave babies on other people's doorsteps in baskets they'll take care of them?

Are their any good cheap shoes websites, i dont care if their fake as long as i dont get ripped off plese help?

If they're cheap, and they break after a week, YOU WILL be getting ripped off! I've had that happened to med. You can pay a little bit more if shoes last for years, so wearing fakes also help supp... Read More »

Since most people don't want to adopt older kids, should the foster care system stop trying?

I don't think the problem is with how hard the foster system is trying to get kids adopted. I think the problem is the society we live in. We're all so individualistic. No one cares about what's... Read More »

Why do people who can barely care for their own family financially think fostering kids is going to solve....?

Well, a co-worker of mine was planning her second child KNOWING she didn't have the money to pay for it. She couldn't afford the company's benefits package, but she was planning a baby.She was cou... Read More »