Why do people have home phones...if every in the family has cell phones Isn't it a waste of money?

Answer Wait until there is a storm and the power lines get damages and te cell phone towers go out of service. You will be glad to have a land line with buried cables. Also cell phones microwave your brai... Read More »

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How much money do people spend on cell phones?

In 2007, the trend to replacing a traditional land line phone shifted to the more convenient cell phone. According to, there are 271,000,000 phones owned in the United States. Sixteen... Read More »

Can land/corded/home phones be recycled Or only cell phones?

I take all my old phone to the local goodwill stores, and they seems happy to get them!

Why do people waste so much money on NEW cars?

LOL, ah...the fools they do not know! Yer right guv, buying a late model pre-owned (2 - 3 years old) is the BEST way to get true vehicular economy. Let the OTHER bloke take the depreciation hit.

Can I get money for old cell phones?

There are two options when it comes to getting money for your used cell phones -- recycling or re-selling. Both are environmentally friendly options because they keep the cell phone out of landfill... Read More »