Are hairy chested people [myself included] more likely to be sucked into a balck hole of their own making?

Answer I sure hope not, because if that's true, I'm a goner!Hey, since 8 Track has the body of a Greek God, I'm going to say I have the body of a Norse God, all hairy and stuff, lol.

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Do you like hairy men?

nope be yuorself and not what someone else wants you to be

How to Wax Your Armpits?

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Am I too hairy(girls only pls)?

DON'T SHAVE IT!!! It could be like when you shave your legs, it could come back darker and courser. My advice would be to go to a doctor or a specialist (if you have the means) to see if there is a... Read More »

Like a hairy man or polished man ?

I don't mind some hair, and some guys look incredibly sexy with quite a bit of hair while others look incredibly sexy without, to me its all about their personality and how they feel about their b... Read More »