Why do people have a bad opinion of vegetarians?

Answer I don't i have respect for thembut not people who do it for a trend and hate people who eat's personal choicei have been wanting to become veggie for ages.but i find it hardi don't know whe... Read More »

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What is your opinion of vegetarians?

I disagree Dion. Many meat eaters deliberately hang out on a continual basis in this category solely to harass.Pathetic.See it in the other food sections? Rarely. I don't sit in the food and drink ... Read More »

Hi fellow vegans and vegetarians, what's your opinion on this ?

I personally don't think V&V should have anything to do with MCDs etc.Lets face it, they will not direct the profit they make from you to widen thier veggie choice. They wil use it to expand thier ... Read More »

Why do people become vegetarians Are you the one of them too?

You are asking this on the UK&Ireland site, so I'm guessing your either British or Irish. Either way, in both of those countries it is illegal to feed animals hormones or drugs to increase their si... Read More »

Why are people vegetarians?

You're the guy who has a crush on his own brother, right? Maybe you're not in such a good position to judge, then.