Why do people hate when someone references ponies on a YouTube video?

Answer I am personally a brony, but will try not to give a one sided answer. Why haters hate is a good followup to what you just asked. Simple. Because they were raised differently, around different peopl... Read More »

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Should I post my own music on youtube I really would hate for people to steal any of my riffs?

Put only audio, not video. That is one way, they will not see how you do it. Put a Picture up over the Audio, not Video, of your guitar or you or both.

Best way off getting people to see your video on YouTube?

Give the link, I'll watch it and comment it.

Who gets first when people search a video on youtube?

The popular youtuber would.Youtube isn't fair to those people that aren't that popular, they play favorites

How to Transfer a YouTube Video Sound Track to Another YouTube Video?

It's actually really easy to transfer the soundtrack of a YouTube video to another video. It just involves using free converting programs to download the mp3 file.