Why do people hate when someone references ponies on a YouTube video?

Answer I am personally a brony, but will try not to give a one sided answer. Why haters hate is a good followup to what you just asked. Simple. Because they were raised differently, around different peopl... Read More »

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When I watch a youtube video or any others it sticks can someone please help?

If your YouTube is slow, stuck or weird -- and people tell youto change or install stuff -- DON'T TOUCH A THING.You should never tinker around with things like java scripts, firewall settings, flas... Read More »

Who gets first when people search a video on youtube?

The popular youtuber would.Youtube isn't fair to those people that aren't that popular, they play favorites

Why would Someone Hate all videos on YouTube?

Because he's is lying, he has no life and wants to sound superior. Just tell him when you see him say you have no credibility. He'll get mad and have to show you one of his films. Cheers!

How do you put someone else's youtube video to your youtube?

just follow these steps:1-copy the URL of the video 2-go to your YouTube Channel3-click "edit channel"4- where it says "featured video" or something like that, past the URL there.5-click "save chan... Read More »