Why do people hate mondays?

Answer Most people dislike Mondays because they enjoy their weekends and Monday mornings at work or school generally means back to the old grind and if working it's 'catch up time' with a heavy workload.

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I'm at the office,where I've just discovered that my rocket launcher is out of ammo.Don't ya just hate Mondays?

Just stand there coolly and tell them you know what they're thinking. Did you fire six rockets or only five? Then tell them quite frankly you've forgotten yourself, seeing as how there was so muc... Read More »

If they can bash and hate naturally skinny people, why are plus sized people being praised?

you rock girl! seriously! im tellin you, we should have a major Y!A protest agianst this! woohoo!i agrre 100%im 5'1 and 85 lbs. and i hate being called anerexia wen i accually eat healthy(and some... Read More »

Why do American people hate Lebanese people?

Answer 1 American people don't hate Lebanese people. Answer 2 As insulting as this may seem, most Americans do not have a clue about what Lebanon is and therefore would not have any ill will toward... Read More »

Why do people hate on people who where designer cloths?

Hi most people hate people who wear designer clothing because they think they are spoiled and get whatever they want. Also some people hate on girls that get designer clothing because sometimes the... Read More »