How to Be Friends With Two People That Hate Each Other?

Answer Youth is tough. Finding friends you can count on and be yourself with is even tougher. But it gets to be almost impossible when two people you really enjoy can't stand one another.

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Why do The Wanted and One Direction hate each other?

It was banter, the boys each making fun of each other. I wouldn't say that 'Hate' each other, more like severely dislike.

Why do some twins hate each other than being jealous?

Twins don't really hate each other they just hate the fact that they don't feel unique by having a person looking just like them and people don't see pass that. Some twins actually like that they l... Read More »

Chinese and Japanese are the same thing besides they all make anime so yeah but why do they hate each other?

actually your first inclination is wrong, it is not the same, outside of that to answer your question, it has to do with the history of the two... as well as the religions that were forced upon the... Read More »

Why do people not talk to each other when traveling on metro trains in the u.s?

yes its true, i was in europe where people there are very friendly and they talk to fellow passengers like as if they hve known them for years.sadly we will only get more and more paranoid.